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Comic Book Community Shout Outs

I remember the very first time someone in the comic community gave me a shout-out. It came from our friend, Comic Tom! So one Sunday morning I came up with an idea to make a live show where I’m in search of small YouTube channels to give them a shout out for what they do and for great content. Over the last 32 weeks that's what I’ve been doing every Sunday at 4pm est. If you missed this past Sunday‘s show, feel free to check it out and hear about the 5 channels that received a shout out.

Comics Are Escapeism- Follow them HERE

YnC Comics- Follow them HERE

David Leese- Follow them HERE

Cidnya Reads- Follow them HERE

Charlton 66- Follow them HERE


Look forward to seeing everyone in the chat for the next show. #shoutouts

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