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Buy or Pass On New Comic Book Day 10/23/19

Joining the panel this week is our good friend John from John Comics With kids. With that being said this week‘s pull list is not as stacked like last week! Between Marvel and Indie books dropping I was tied. But we can't leave out DC with those year of the villians books. Take a look at some of the books below that are on my list to pick up tomorrow and if you missed the live show feel free to take minute and catch the replay. Also don't forget to use the KEY COLLECTOR APP while you’re hunting for comics tomorrow.


Jason Aaron's final run on Thor! This has been a fantastic read.


Did Mr. Freeze really bring back his wife Nora?



Ed Brubaker is killing it! This is probably one of my top five comics right now.


Strickly just for the beautiful cover by Jenny I am getting this.

That‘s it for this week. Thanks for reading. I’m Rod of Just a Rican and His Comics. You can find me on IG and YouTube. Please keep checking in for more articles and videos by me!

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