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Blog of X: DISNEY Where Are The Mutants?

When Disney made all of their epic announcements this Fall I had a bunch of you asking me "Where are the mutants??" and I understand completely. They had new TV series, exciting new villains, animated programs, and even the Fantastic Four made the list of big news. I will say, I was definitely disappointed.

But then I got to thinking, "what if they don't want to spoil anything?" Now, it's entirely possible that Marvel Studios is still so far out in their plans that the X-Men universe hasn't even crested the horizon for them. They seem to have years worth of content in the pipeline and no interest in adjusting their plans. This is most likely the reason why Disney didn't announce any X-Men related titles in their upcoming film and TV projects. But, what if there's another reason?

This is pure speculation on my part but I have a lot of hope that they are playing a longer con when it comes to introducing the mutants to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think it's entirely possible that the Kevin Feige brain trust has a plan for introducing these beloved characters into their films. I recently published a blog on how they might accomplish that within the previously published works in the Marvel canon. But also we have methods within the upcoming projects that could allow them the same ability to combine these properties into one cohesive MCU.

Which of the upcoming announced titles could sneak the odd mutant into their stories? For me, several title seem to have better possibilities than others. Here are some that I think could have potential:

SHE-HULK series:

She is representing superheroes in court, so what better way to bring characters into the MCU than that? A sort of "courtroom case of the week" would allow for a lot of options in adding a mutant here or there.


I feel like this TV series could be a fun one to add all sorts of characters and stories into the MCU. With an invasion of Skrulls there are plenty of ways that a few X-Men related characters could join in on the excitement.

Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness FILM:

The possibilities for this film are really limitless. Playing with reality, dimensions, and the multiverse allows for endless options that could be exploited to bring mutants into the stories. I am very excited for this movie and adding a mutant or two would only increase my joy.

WHAT IF?... animated series:

This would be the easiest way to introduce mutants into the MCU. Each episode is an other worlds tale and allows the creators to use any characters they want. They can even hire a voice actor and still stay free to choose a different, bigger-name actor when they bring the same character to live action.

So those are my top four choices that might bring mutants to the screen despite Disney saying nothing about them in their recent announcements. What do you all think? Will we need to wait a few years before they can even announce anything or will Disney sneak a few of our favorite X characters into the MCU sooner than we expect? Leave a comment if you can, and let me know!

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Thanks for taking the time to hang out and I hope to see you back here again every Friday for more BLOG of X!!! If you want to get more from the John's Comics with Kids squad just watch for us on Instagram and YouTube.

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That would be very cool


Good choices. There's also the possibility of mutants being introduced in FALCON & WINTER SOLDIER, since they're going to have a focus on the WEAPONS PLUS PROGRAM.

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