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Why Batman #357 Is Not A Key Issue

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

If you've been a fan of Key Collector Comics on YouTube for over the past year or have looked up Batman #357 on the Key Collector Comics app, then this information is old news to you.

Many consider Batman #357 to be the first full appearance of Killer Croc, including CGC:

As a collector, I like my first full appearances to fully reveal the character which does not occur in Batman #357.

Killer Croc in Batman #357

A shadow, a hand, a villain obscured by a trenchcoat - these partial appearances don't make me feel like I own a significant piece of comic book history. For this reason, the use of the term cameo to make this distinction is of critical importance to comic collecting.

Now, why is Batman #357 a crock? Even though CGC considers Detective Comics #523 the first cameo appearance of Killer Crock.

There is no difference between the appearance in Batman #357.

The first time we actually see Killer Croc depicted as a human with crocodile-like features is in Detective Comics #524.

CGC makes no reference to Killer Croc on the label of Detective Comics #524.

This isn't meant to be an attack on CGC. Every comic book resource that I checked while writing this article does not give Detective Comics #524 it's rightful credit as the first full appearance of Killer Croc, including Overstreet...and that's not an attack on Overstreet.

Do you have an example of a mislabeled cameo or full appearance? please send an email to nick@keycollectorcomics.com. Please reach out if you spot any incorrect info in the Key Collector Comics database including misspellings, typos, out-of-order issues or anything that can be corrected,

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