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Art in Comic Books- Fraction and Aja's Masterpiece: PIZZA DOG!

Last week for Book Club, Alec of White Whale Comics and I decided forgo talking about a new comic and instead we discussed a flashback comic book that we both care about deeply. This is a huge key book that nobody is talking about and should be at the top of your spec/hunt list. Yes of course I am talking about the criminally under appreciated first solo story of PIZZA DOG in Hawkeye issue 11 (2012)!

Stop laughing, I'm serious. If you haven't read Fraction's run on Hawkeye from 2012 then you need to go and complain to your LCS owner for failing to share with you one of the all time classics. It centers on a somewhat down and out Clint Barton as he deals with the trials and tribulations of being a second tier superhero without any real super powers. It is a humorous and clever run that makes great use of jumps in time, creative inner monologues, and Kate Bishop fresh from the Young Avengers (and still vying for the title of Hawkeye).

But the true breakout star of this run was PIZZA DOG (true first appearance in issue 1)! The lovable mutt taken in by Clint was a great tool for comedy and heart leading up to issue 11 when he became a true star. In this iconic issue we get an entire story told from the POV of Pizza Dog as he deals with a lost puppy, fighting owners, a murder mystery, thugs, and a ravenous hunger for pizza. There is little to no actual words in this issue (since Pizza Dog doesn't speak English) and instead we have amazing diagrams and insights given to us by the artful hand of David Aja.

Wednesday Night, Alec and I did a fun deep dive into, not only this issue but, art and creativity as well. With all the talk of Kate Bishop coming to the MCU as well as all the excitement that the cat in Captain Marvel got this year I wouldn't be surprised if Pizza Dog was the next big animal on the spec horizon. However, none that is more important than a great story and this issue has that and more. This live stream was a really unusual show unlike anything else you'll see and I thought that it was an absolute blast. If you have never read this issue then I challenge you to find a copy for yourself. But until then you can tune into this show and enjoy two comic book morons celebrating a highly under appreciated comic. Here's the link to the episode on Alec's channel.

Thanks for coming by and please check out the other blogs we have here on the site since there are far too many talented contributors for me to even keep track of at this point. Alec and I rotate the hosting of the weekly New Comic Book Day Book Club so please subscribe and join the club with us each Wednesday at 8pm pacific. This coming Wednesday we will be discussing the final issue of Jonathon Hickman's Powers of X story with the Boy Who Had 7 on my channel!

-John's Comics with Kids

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Coming from a dog person this was amazing!

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