10 Things We'd Like To See In Donny Cates' Thor

In relatively short order, Donny Cates became a household name amongst comic book readers. Changing the landscape of the Marvel Universe throughout the pages of Venom, Thanos, and Silver Surfer (to name just a few series he’s written), the man takes bold and exciting creative choices whenever the opportunities present themselves. When it was announced that Cates would be penning the upcoming Thor series, fans of the thunder god went nuts, eager to see how the scribe would handle the lore of one of Marvel’s oldest and most powerful heroes.

As for ourselves, we just announced our partnership with Marvel Comics! Because of this union, we have a ComicTom Marvel exclusive variant for Thor #1 by Donny Cates that we’ll be shipping out in the upcoming Mystery Mail Call. With all that happening, we’re taking some time to reflect on Thor and some of the things that make the God of Thunder so mightily awesome. With that in mind, our first article of the series is, as the title suggests, going to focus on 10 things/people we’d like to see get brought back into Thor’s world. What and who Donny Cates will introduce or bring back is anyone’s guess, so think of this as a personal wish list.

10. Dr. Donald Blake and Jake Olson.

Do you remember the last time we saw Thor’s aliases Dr. Donald Blake and/or Jake Olson? It might have been during the Marvel event Siege. Since then, Thor’s other half/halves has been missing. Sure, Thor’s resolved his personal issues and doesn’t really NEED alter egos anymore as he’s come to terms with many of his personal and emotional issues, but stories involving Thor and other personas are great nonetheless. Blake was something of a “false” identity created by Odin to give Thor a sense of humility, but nonetheless, Donald Blake, and Jake Olson for that matter, is as important to the Thor mythos as any character. Blake and Olson both being meek doctors serve as a perfect juxtaposition to Thor’s warrior frame and mentality. Odds are Donny Cates won’t be including either, but stranger things have happened.

9. The Celestials