Frequently asked questions

I signed up! When does my Mystery Mail Call (MMC) ship?

All MMC boxes ship together by the 22nd each month. You have until the 15th every month to reserve your box for the next month. If you need to make any changes including an address change or cancellation, please contact us by the 15th each month. *Please note, You can expect tracking around the 20th-22nd. Effective February 2020 onward.

What is my billing date?

Your billing date will be on the same numbered day of the month that you signed up . Example: Your first debit was March 10th, your billing date will always be the 10th, your next debit will happen April 10th.

How can I change my address?

At this time we accept address changes submitted by your new shipping address by contacting us through We will need to know the email you signed up with and your new address. This must be done at least 1 business day prior to your shipping date to give us enough time to edit your shipping label.

What is your return policy?

We accept complete returns requested within 30 days of your shipping date, the shipping in this case will be covered by buyer. While the randomness of the Mail Call brings you an opportunity to receive unique finds, we understand some of the challenges this brings. We ask you to hold us accountable. If any Mail Call doesn't live up to your expectations, we welcome the opportunity to make it right. Don't hesitate to reach out; your feedback is appreciated and we will work to remedy any situation within our power. We try to do our best to make things right with you BEFORE implementing a return process. Because this is a mystery style subscription, it is a challenge to implement a hard and fast return policy other than what we offer, this is why we encourage you to reach out!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Option 1: To cancel your subscription. you may do so by logging into your Paypal or by contacting PayPal directly.. Option 2: You can go to and fill out the form and one of our team will get back to you with in three to five business days.

Will my Mystery Box price ever change?

We have made the decision to grandfather existing subscriptions at the price offered at the time of your first billing date. If we choose to increase the price for any reason it will not effect your billing. Once a subscription is cancelled, we will not be able to honor the previous pricing.

How does the bonus box work?

When you receive your box, your newsletter will have information regarding how to enter the monthly raffle for a bonus box. You will be entered into this raffle by sharing your box on Instagram using the tags provided in the newsletter. Please note your IG account will need to be public in order to qualify. Winners are announced on our Instagram @comictom101 and the box is shipped within 30 days of announcement.

Low Quantity Alerts

Every month, our boxes are limited to the number of current subscribers. So if you want to ensure your box with your ComicTom101 Exclusive, sign up early! When we are getting close to our cap for the month, we will notify you on our youtube channel. Each month starts a fresh count and we are adding subscribers every week! If you every have any questions, please contact us at www,

International Customers

At this time we do not ship the Mystery Mail Call overseas. If you would like to use a third party, you can provide us the shipping address they assign you. Any shipping questions will have to go through your third party as we are not responsible for the final delivery. Some your third party options are


What comes in a Mystery Mail Call Box?

  • ComicTom101 EXCLUSIVE variant
  • 4-7 Comic books
  • Each month our stock pile refreshes
  • Key/Rare comics are randomly sorted in our Mail Calls
  • EXCLUSIVE art piece from a different artist every month
  • *Please note- Exclusive comics are subject to change/cancellation at any moment based on distributors/publishers availability.

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